The Beauty of Upstate New York

I am sure we hear of New York and what comes to mind is a big concrete jungle and one of the biggest and most populous cities in the world. Well while that is true, the state of New York is often reduced to a huge city even when there is so much to see and experience in this state that offers a contrast when it comes to its vegetation, layout, development and even altitude. These days upstate New York is becoming known and for a good reason because it has so much that would warm your heart. From the misty forests, historical buildings, charming small towns, hiking trails, and amazing wildlife, you would not know what to do with yourself in upstate New York. If you want to visit upstate New York and are not sure if you should here are some things to convince you that upstate New York is what you need.
First, if you are into scenic road trips then you will be amazed at what Discover Upstate NY has to offer. The forests are vast so with the winding paths through the dense forests where from time to time you will stop to take in the views and even see some wildlife. A road trip becomes even more magical during autumn when the leaves are rich with autumn colors. Trusts me, a rod trip to Upstate New York is worth and you will not take nature for granted ever.
Hidden gems seem to be the theme of upstate New York. Most of the beautiful things that you will come across in upstate New York are not crowded with tourists, there are days when you may be the only ones, which means you get to enjoy the places alone. We are talking about picturesque vineyards, resorts, and quaint restaurants in charming little towns. Know more about  Upstate New York here!
A hot air balloon ride over the beautiful valleys and highlands will have you holding your breath as you take in scenes of large areas; scenes that you would not enjoy while on the ground. It does not get any special than this; or maybe it does because with upstate New York, the possibilities of what to do, see or experience, are limitless. Know more about traveling at http://www.ehow.com/how_2098382_plan-vacation-budget.html.
Last but not least, when in upstate New York you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation. From inns built over a century ago but still maintaining the charm, to historical farmhouses, to resorts, cabins and event campsites, the list is endless. You may find that staying in these authentically upstate New York accommodations may be a rich experience in itself.